A Bloomer Ball (1851)

A Bloomer Ball

An attempt was made on Wednesday night, at the Hanover-square Rooms, to try the effect of a bal costume a la Bloomer, in accomplishing for the new American fashion what lectures and promenades in public have hitherto failed in bringing about, viz. the popularity, or, at least, the partial adoption of the novel attire by the female sex. But the attempt was a decided failure, the proportion of “ladies” to the number of gentlemen who thronged the rooms being very small and those not exactly of the class of persons who should be taken as models, either in their dress or conduct. The Bloomer hall has sealed the fate of the Bloomer costume, by identifying it with the associations which attached to that of the debardeur of a carnival ball in Paris.

A Bloomer Ball. Illustrated London News, November 01, 1851; pg. 539

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