A good idea? (1869)

A good idea?

An enterprising individual at Berlin has submitted the following plan to the authorities: He proposes to board over all the gutters on each side of the streets and this roadway, three or four feet wide, is to be the future velocipede high-road of the city. A thousand tricycles are to be placed on it, each with a practised driver dressed in a neat uniform, who will undertake to conduct one person with letters, parcels, &c. along this road. As velocipedestrians always drive straight, room to turn is not required, and when the road is free it will serve as a footpath. A small charge for passengers, parcels, and letters will, it is estimated, give a fair return for the cost of construction. ‘He argues that, besides the general convenience of his plan, it will be a great advantage to Berlin to bridge over the gutters, as they are at present very unsightly, and are liable to be frozen over in winter. Moreover, the establishment of footpaths will facilitate the better regulation of the street traffic, and effect a great saving in the expense now incurred by cleaning the streets. The tricycles are to have a little canopy in winter, an umbrella being a sufficient protection in the summer. The projector calculates that a speed may be attained equal to that of an ordinary carriage at least, and guarantees all possible convenience and safety in the transit.

Every Saturday, Volume 8, 1869, p. 542

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