A New Pedestrian Carriage (1819)

A new pedestrian carriage has been constructed on the principle of the velocipede or accelerator, only much enlarged. It seems to be to the first invention what a horse and gig is to a horse alone and at any rate has the advantage of being a more social machine. “It is calculated to accommodate three persons: the front appartment is constructed in the same manner as the common velocipede; the centre consists of a convenient seat, like the seat of a gig and the third is behind, 9in the shape of a dicky. It is worked by the person in front and the person behind; the person in the middle, who may be a lady, sitting perfectly easy. The man in front has work of the same kind to do as the rider of the velocipede; the one behind has his foot supported by a footboard and turns with each hand the wheels beside him: for this purpose a handle is fixed to the axis of each wheel. The inventor is Mr Birch, of Great Queen Street, Lincoln’s-in-fields.” – (Daity Paper) – It is called a Velocimanipede, to denote the double action of the hands and feet.

The Examiner, Sunday, May 16, 1819; Issue 594

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