A New Society (1874)

The last new society, says the London correspondent of the Belfast Newsletter, is not of a scientific nor even of an artistic nature. It is of tourists who are going to scour England on tricycles, not bicycles and ladies are also to be members. One gentleman and his wife “did” North Wales last summer, he taking the luggage and she the baby; and their pace was from eight to ten miles an hour. The late Chancellor of the Exchequer patronises the bicycle. He has a country house some miles from London and his servant brings down the bicycle to the railway station each afternoon, as other gentlemen have their horses brought or their dogcarts. Nor is he above supplying deficiencies in the commissariat department of the establishment which calls him master. To the front of his locomotive he attaches, by strings, innumerable little packages, suggestive of having made a call at the grocer’s en route; and, doubtless, enjoys his evening cup of tea all the more afterwards for having contributed his share of labour in providing it.

Nottinghamshire Guardian, August 28, 1874; pg. 2

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