A New Trifle (1867)

A New Trifle

The Sport says – “A hippodrome of a new kind is the portion of the Bois de Boulogne chosen by the lovers of locomotion by velocipede, where, every morning, these gentlemen give themselves up to what we may term the most violent exercise. From nine to eleven in the forenoon the space about the Cascade is crowded by the amateurs and spectators of these races. Among the most assiduous and skilful of the former are to be observed – Prince Joachim Murat, the Prince de Sagan, M Blount, Count Onesimo Aguado, Count Georges d’Orgeval, Count de Saint-Sauveur and several others. Many of these have become so skilful as to go 24 Kilometres (15 miles) an hour without the least fatigue. Some grand races during the autumn are at present being organised, the course to be gone over extending from the Rond-point of the Champs Elysees to St Cloud. Several trials have been made and the distance has been done in 13 minutes. In fact some considerable bets were made on that occasion. These gentlemen are about to form a velocipede club; and it will have fewer difficulties to contend against than the skating club, inasmuch as it will be independent of variations of temperature.”

Glasgow Herald, August 10, 1867

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