A silly sort of anomalous vehicle (1869)

The velocipede is running the course it ran some fifty years ago and is gradually fading from public regard. A curious note of Mr G V Cox, in his recent Recollections of Oxford, might almost do to describe the machine of 1869. He says: “In the spring of 1819 appeared a silly sort of anomalous vehicle, called a velocipede, in which the motion was half riding and half walking: it had a run, but turned out to be no go. The only gentleman I ever saw venturing to use one (and that around ‘the parks’) was a fellow and tutor of New College; his name, curiously enough, was Walker! When he dismounted, he exclaimed (like the Irishman who took a ride in a bottomless sedan chair), “Well, if it were not for the fashion, I would as lieve walk.”

Lippincott’s magazine of literature, science and education, Volume 4, 1869, p.459

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