Advertising Wants/Swaps etc (1871)

Advertising wants/swaps etc.

12in. beagles. Wanted, at once, two or four couples, in exchange for a new pea rifle, bicycle and other things, or state prices. Must be less than 30s a couple.   (Kingston-on-Thames.)

Donkeys – A very useful donkey, sound and worth £2. What offers? A good 36in bicycle preferred. (Berwick-on-tweed.)

Wanted. Gentleman’s gold English lever watch in exchange for a first-class bicycle, 36in., warranted good in all respects; fast and durable, all bright and hickory double-spoked wheels quite new. Value £5 5s. – Full particulars to J Griffin, 30 Parade, Birmingham.

Kennel. – I have a well-bred bull bitch to dispose of. Offers to the value £2 10s requested. Watch, bicycle, or musical box preferred. – Apply to Brewer, Greyhound Inn, Midsomer Norton, near Bath.

Photography. – Portrait lens, mahogany camera and tripod, for bicycle, sewing machine, or offers. –  R S Bluck, Cromwell Road, Peterborough.

Printing. – Press, with type, compositor’s stick, hives, roller, ink bed, &c., complete, for a forme 9in. by 12in., nearly all new. Wanted, a first class-bicycle, watch, or useful articles to £5 . – value J A B., 3 Ivy Leigh, The Brook, Liverpool.

Wanted – A good 36in bicycle, for which I can offer a capital donkey.

Wanted – A phantom, or first-class bicycle, in exchange for camera and lens, velocipede for two (really fine) chemicals, bath, lathe,(first-class) – Address C Bridge, 23 Thayer-street, Manchester Square, London.

Wanted – A first-class bicycle, 36in. or 38in. wheel. Offered – A printing press, with all necessary articles, complete, some valuable illustrated works, jewellery, &c. State wants.

Aquatic – Wanted, a small pleasure boat, with sails, sculls, &c, or canoe. Say what wanted in exchange. Can offer good bicycle, &c. C P (Yorks)

Wanted – A good 4-wheeled velocipede, hand and foot preferred. Will give a good bicycle, 31in, or prize-bred retriever, ten months. (Kent)

Wanted – A good 36in bicycle. Offered –  capital single barrel gun, two vols. Tomlinson’s Cyclopaedia, cost £3 10s., and three beautiful golden-spangled bantams.

Wanted – a bicycle, not more than a 36in wheel. Would give a very handsome Skye terrier, good at rats and vermin and a really good seven barrelled revolver.

The Bazaar, Exchange and Mart, and Journal of the Household, Volume 5, 1871

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