An Objection to the Velocipede (1869)

An Objection to the Velocipede

No existing bicycle, or tricycle, or velocipede of any kind will help the traveller up hill. The labour of forcing it along any ordinary rough road is calculated to be nearly equal to that of walking the proportions being 1/ 16th as compared with 1/ 13th; but up an incline it is indefinitely greater – greater, in fact, than if the traveller had to carry the velocipede himself – so great that it is easier to walk and drag or push the vehicle before him. In most English counties this objection, unless it can be overcome, is fatal to anything approaching the universal use of the velocipede and it is extremely doubtful if it can ever be removed. – Spectator.

The Huddersfield Chronicle and West Yorkshire Advertiser, May 22, 1869; pg. 8

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