An old wife’s notion of a velocipede in 1869

An old wife’s notion of a velocipede (1869)

A matron in Bonnybank was stunned and stupefied the other day on seeing a gentleman who had been practicing with a velocipede and who was approaching her dwelling on foot, leading it up the incline. “Preserve a living, siree– come ‘ere,” she cried to a neighbour. “Did ye ever see such a thing like this?” Both looked intensely for a while, and the other said– “toots, woman, did ye never see a thing like that? It’s just a man gaun about wi’ a thing for sharpin razors.” Hearing this the matron ran to the house to look for her scissors, crying at the same time to her son– “Jim, rin oot and tell that man to stop, for I want my sheers sharpit.” Jim did as commanded, but after looking a short time, said– “Mither, that’s no a sheer man ava. I think it’s only Telyer Tamson tryin’ to row twa girds!” But the gentleman who was now ‘stridelegs’ over the fleet horse, was off like an arrow. “Hech! What’ll ye wager,” quoth the matron, as he vanished from view, “but that’s one o’ the new-fashioned whurlygigs the newspapers ca’ ‘philosophers!’”


The Leeds Mercury (Leeds, England), Monday, May 10, 1869; Issue 9696

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