Bicycle Meets (1879)

South Wales Bicycle Meet

All bicycle riders, whether clubmen or unattached, are cordially invited to attend the above meet, to be held at Cardiff Saturday, August 30th, under the auspices of the Cardiff Bicycle Club. The committee are anxious to make it a success and beg the co-operation of all bicyclists. There will be a procession and exhibition of bicycles, tricycles, &c., and two open amateur races – a five mile handicap (1st prize, value £12; 2nd £6; 3rd, £2) and a two-mile handicap (1st prize, value £6; 2nd, £3; 3rd, £1). Entrance fees, 2s 6d each race. Entries close next Saturday, August 23rd. Forms and particulars on application to the hon. sec., W H Hutchins, 17 St Mary Street, Cardiff.

Cardiff Bicycle Grounds

The great 50 mile race, which was to have come off at the Lillie Bridge Grounds, London, some little time back, between John Keen, Champion of the World and D Stanton, which was postponed owing to Stanton’s indisposition, has been transferred to the above grounds and will take place on Saturday next, the 23rd inst., at three pm. Keen gives Stanton five minutes’ start. No one should miss this opportunity of seeing Keen ride, so he intends giving up riding after this season.

Western Mail, August 19, 1879

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