Sir, – The amazing increase in the use of bicycles and tricycles amongst all classes in England proves that they are a considerable boon to society. They undoubtedly enable a man to obtain fresh air and exercise, also to gain nerve and self-possession and during the holidays all classes are to be seen traversing the level roads of England. As this requires a steady eye and clear head it is indirectly a great incentive to temperate habits. There are many hundreds in London who ride bicycles and tricycles purely for pleasure and they are compelled either to wade through the crowded thoroughfares before they can get into the pure air of the country or their vehicles must be conveyed to a railway station and transferred thence. I would, therefore, propose that the authorities of the parks should allot a space purely for the use of bicyclists and tricyclists, with the proviso that the vehicles should be propelled at the ordinary rate of speed. In order to avoid accidents they should only be allowed to enter Hyde-park by certain specified gates. – I am, sir, yours obediently,                                     Vedette.
The Morning Post, August 30, 1881; pg. 6

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