Bicycling Competition(1880)


The six days’ bicycling competition, commenced on Monday last at the agricultural hall, Islington, produced a much less brilliant finish than might have been expected from the result of the first three days’ proceedings. At midnight on Wednesday the leader, C Terront (champion of France), had ridden 746 miles 6 laps, thus beating the previous best performance for 54 hours, made by G Waller, by 2 miles 3 laps. Unfortunately for those who are always on the watch for unprecedented records, Terront subsequent to that period had no occasion whatsoever to ride at top speed, as none of his opponents were able to make up any of their leeway. Thursday, therefore, saw a considerable falling-off in the number of miles accomplished by the foremost division. Notwithstanding, the day proved full of incidents. H Higham, of Nottingham, who had been taken ill on the first day, re-appeared and expressed his determination of beating Waller’s time – 6 hours 27min – for 100 miles made in the September of last year. This he succeeded in doing by 1min 30sec and then set himself the task of defeating H Andrew’s continuous ride of 222 miles 4 laps. In this also Higham was successful, covering in 10h 59min 30sec. 230 miles 2 laps, without having once dismounted from his bicycle. The other feature of Thursday’s proceedings was the collapse of J Terront and the consequent improved position of W Cann, C Homey. W Shakespeare and H Andrews. At the close of the day the record stood – C Terront, 935 miles 3½ laps; Edlin, 850 miles; Cann, 760 miles; Homey, 709 miles 3½ laps; Shakespeare, 678 miles 1 lap; J Terront, 650 miles Andrews, 570 miles; Higham, 380 miles 3 laps. A large number of persons assembled on Friday, but beyond the occasional spurts on the part of some of the competitors there was little to interest them. J Terront did not resume work and in his absence Andrews took sixth place. With this exception, however, the positions remained unchanged, the following showing the number of miles covered at the close of the fifth day:-C Terront, 1,156 miles 2 laps; Edlin, 1,030 miles; Cann, 934 miles; Homey,882 miles 5 laps; Shakespeare, 836 miles; Andrews, 670 miles; J Terront, Higham and Palmer having retired. There was so great an element of certainty about the result that the last day’s proceedings were robbed of all interest. Still, a fairly good number were present, especially in the evening. The pace adopted by most of the contestants was very moderate, although inducements were held out to cause them to increase their rate of progression. Shortly after 10 the contestant was declared at an end, the final score reading as under:- C Terront, 1,272 miles; Edlin, 1,154 miles; Cann, 1,076 miles; Homey, 1,038 miles 2 laps; Shakespeare, 966 miles; Andrews, 712 miles 5 laps. During the week a bicycle, the invention of D Sparrow, was exhibited, for which it is claimed that it can be ridden by ladies in their ordinary attire.&

The Times, Mar 22, 1880; pg. 6

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