Bull-fighting – on a velocipede in 1869?

Bull-fighting – on a velocipede?

For many months the papers have been full of suggestions as to the uses to which velocipedes could be turned, but the boldest innovators will be surprised to hear that the new-fangled vehicle has actually made its appearance in the bull-fighting ring. In the circus at Nismes, the picadors appeared last week mounted on velocipedes instead of horses, and displayed such skill in management of their iron steeds that the astounded bull was unable to dismount a single one of them. Should this fashion become universal in bull-fighting countries, the gain to common humanity will be undoubtedly great. But it is feared that the increased expense will prove an insurmountable obstacle to its general adoption, a single velocipede being worth, as a rule, at least half a dozen of the wretched horses yearly disembowelled by hundreds for the amusement of the fair ladies of Madrid and Seville.


(Every Saturday, Vol. 8, 1869, p. 30)

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