The third annual meet of the South Wales and West of England Bicycle Clubs was held at Cardiff on Saturday. At about two o’clock in the afternoon a procession was formed in Westgate Street, consisting of bicycles and tricycles to the number of 138 and comprising numbers of the Bristol, Swansea, Newport, Pontypridd and Cardiff Bicycle Clubs. The visitors mustered in exceptionally strong force and this was no doubt due in a great measure to the spirit of competition infused into the gathering by the offer of a silver bugle to the club sending the largest number of members and which was awarded to the Bristolians, who numbered 22. Headed by a brass band, conveyed in a break, the procession, in single file, passed through the principal streets of the town and arrived at the Alexandra Park at three o’clock. Here the usual sports in connection with this meet were held and that considerable general interest was manifested therein was apparent by the numbers of persons who entered the grounds – computed at nearly 3,000. A comprehensive programme of events had been compiled and was carried out with least possible waste of time, great credit being due to the committee for their judicious handicapping in most of the heats, which resulted in good contests and occasioned considerable excitement. During the earlier part of the day rain fell at short intervals, but in the afternoon the weather was all that could be desired and we can congratulate the Cardiff Bicycle Club on the successful issue of this year’s sports. Mr A D Ashford acted as starter, Mr G Best as timekeeper and Councillor C L Lougher as referee and the judges were Messrs. E W Jones and R C Neate. The following were the results of the racing: –

One Mile Club Handicap.  – First prize, a gold medal, given by Mr. WH Neate;  2nd, a gold medal; 3rd, a medal, given by Mr. G Best.  This race was divided into two heats, their first three in each heat to run in their final.  In the first six competitors put in appearance – A W Thomas (320 yards), W H Hutchins (290 yards), G H Cakebread (430 yards), W M Jones (120 yards), G shepherd (180 yards) and Lionel Strina (320 yards.) The Hon Keith-Falconer was set down as scratch man in this heat and great disappointment was experienced at his non-appearance.  There result of this heat was – W M Jones, first; L Strina, second; and A W Thomas, third.  In the second heat seven started – namely, W Winslade (180 yards), W M Shepherd (300 yards), E Nicholls (200 yards) E Easterbroke (150 yards), J  C  Morris (180 yards), Herbert Jones (sure 120 yards) and A L Radford (250 yards).  The first was E Nicholls; second, Herbert Jones; and third, J C Morris.  The final was won by W M Jones, with L Strina second, and E Nicholls third.  Time, 2 minutes 56 seconds.

Two Mile Open Bicycle Handicap. – First prize value £4, and second value £2.  This divided into three heats, the first three in each heat to ride in the final.  In the first there were six competitors, viz., F C Jones, Newport B C.(170 yards); J A Thomas, Pontypridd B C. (200 yards); E Nicholls, Cardiff B C. (230 yards); F W Brock, Bristol B C. (230 yards); C Blick, Bristol Jockey B C. (270 yards) and J J Neale, Bristol B C (230 yards).  F W Brock finished first, F C Jones second, and E. Nicholls third.  The second heat brought out only three: – G Shepherd, Cardiff B C. (160 yards), was first; J Young, Bristol B C. (200 yards), second; and H E Peake, North Warwick B C. (120 yards), third.  In the third heat six came to the mark: – L G Edmund, Llanelly B C (150 yards); W Winslade, Cardiff B C. (160 yards); J Smith, Bristol B C (160 yards); C M Lies, Bristol B C (240 yards); G Ace, Swansea B C. (120 yards); and E Watts, Bristol B C (200 yards). L G Edmund was first.  G Ace second and W Winslade their.  The final was one by F W Brock, with J Young second and F C Jones third.  Time, 6 minutes 21½ seconds.

120 Yards Foot Handicap. – First prize, value £3; and second, value £1. There were three heats, the first bringing out five competitors, viz.: – W Millward, Canton, (4 yards); T J P Stoggett, Cardiff F C (2 yards); J S Rowland, Cardiff F C (7½ yards); T Davies, Cardiff (12 yards); A Cross, Cardiff F C (2 yards); W J Lyne, Roath (7 yards); and W H Treatt, Cardiff B C (3 yards).  Treatt and Cross tied and they both ran in the final.  In the third heat four came out: – C A Brantil, Neath F C (1 yard); J A Jones, Cardiff F C (2 yards); W H Hutchins, Cardiff B C (8 yards); and A D Thomas, Cardiff B C (4 yards).  This was won by W H Hutchins, and the final by J S Rowland, with W H Treatt second and W H Hutchins third.  The winner’s time (7½ yards from scratch) was 12½ secs., over an uneven grass course, which, however, on being measured, was found to be about 3½ yards short of the proper distance.

One Mile Novices’ Bicycle Handicap. – First prize value £2, second value £1. This was divided into three heats, the first and second in each to run in the final. This was divided into three heats, the first and second in each to run in the final. There were eight competitors in the first heat, which was won by R Jones, Cardiff B C, with twenty yards start, C H Lies, of Bristol (scratch), being second. In the second heat there were five contestants, L Strina (80 yards), Cardiff, finishing first and T G Jones, Cardiff (scratch), second. The third heat brought out four and was won by C A Branlit, Neathe B C, with 100 yards and J Hillman, Abercarne B C, second. The final was won by C A Branlit, with H Jones second and L Strina third. Time 3 mins 17 secs.

Five Mile Open Bicycle Handicap. – First prize value £5 and second £2. This was set down in the programme in two heats, but as only three turned up in the first it was decided to amalgamate the two. Seven started, viz, E Watts, Bristol (340 yards); J Young, Bristol (370 yards); W Winslade, Cardiff (370 yards); A Ace, Swansea (220 yards); J C Morris, Cardiff (330 yards); F W Brock, Bristol (430 yards); and L G Edmund, Llanelly (270 yards.) At about half distance the race was left between Winslade, Edmund, Ace and Brock, going well together, but at the fourth mile Windslade retired. At this time Brock was leading, Edmund being second and Ace third. The two former continually passed each other, but Ace kept quietly behind and in the last lap made a grand spurt, finishing about ten yards ahead of Brock, with Edmunds a couple of yards behind the latter. Time 17 mins 6 ¾ secs. The cause of the absence of Mr C A Palmer, of the Speedwell Bicycle Club, is explained by the following telegram received on Saturday morning by Mr A W Thomas, the secretary of the Cardiff Club. Mr Palmer, who has been staying in the Isle of Man, says: – “The boat did not arrive here (Douglas) this morning, consequently could not go back on account of a frightful gale on Saturday.” A five mile professional bicycle handicap has been arranged to be run at these grounds on Saturday next, when Keen and Duncan, of London, Derkinderen, Bills and Phillips, of Coventry and other wee-known professionals will compete.

Western Mail, August 29, 1881

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