Cheap and probably only weighs in at 75lb? (1869)

The velocipede has not only made its appearance in the highways and byeways of Worcestershire, but it is being largely manufactured in the “faithful city.” What is more, my enterprising friend, Mr George Hall, of High-street, has introduced a new and cheap machine which cannot fail to become particularly popular. The ordinary velocipede is sold at from £12 to £14. Mr George Hall makes one at £7. 10s. It has three wheels, one in front and is worked on the same plan as the bicycle. The wheels are very light. The saddle is larger than usual, thus making the seat easier and more certain. The brake is applied by leaning back against a rest, which is very useful in going down hill. Indeed, Mr Hall’s velocipede is the most comfortable one I have seen. It has a double handle, so that you can get a change of position; and if these machines are really to be adapted for the use of ladies the new three-wheeler will surely be the most suitable for that purpose. There is a capital cut of a lady on a bicycle in this week’s Punch. By the way, Sir, is it not that a splendid cartoon of “Humble Pie?” a dish which I hope the English nation will always decline as courageously as you do, bon ami, BERROW.

Berrow’s Worcester Journal, May 15, 1869; pg 5

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