Crystal Palace Bicycle Races (1882)

The Five Miles Tricycle Championship

This event was held under the management of the Bicycle Union at the Crystal Palace, on Saturday. The weather was uninviting and the attendance of spectators consequently small but a fairly large number of competitors entered and the contest may therefore be regarded as fairly representative for a sport in its infancy. Owing to the width of the machine it was decided to start only two in each heat and three rounds were necessary yet even then matters were not settled without difficulty, H W Gaskell, Ranelagh Harriers, lodging a protest against M J Lowndes, Congleton BC., for riding so wide as not to give him room to pass. He afterwards, however, withdrew the protest when he found that his opponent would be disqualified absolutely and not merely cautioned. With this single exception everything passed off satisfactorily and the Bicycle Union must be congratulated on the success of their new venture, which will, no doubt, be the first of a series. Brief details follow:-Heat 1. M J Lowndes, Congleton BC, first; F G Dray, Brixton Ramblers BC, second won very easily in 18min 49.35sec. Heat 2 – H W Gaskell, Ranelagh Harriers, rode over in 18min 31sec. Heat 3 – P T Lechford, Finchley TC, first; Gustav Schultz, Brighton Cycling Club, second – won by 300 yards. Time, 19min 50 3/5sec. Heat 4 – C E Liles, London Athletic Club, first; C W Coe, Brixton Ramblers, BC, second – won by 25 yards. Time, 18min 35sec. Heat 5 – T R Marriott, Nottingham BC, first; A Woodhouse, London TC, second. After half the distance had been ridden the Nottingham representative drew right away and won anyhow, the London giving up. Time, 19min 45sec. Heat 6 – A Dixon, London TC, rode over in 19min 34. 4/5sec. Second round – Heat 1 – Lowndes, first; Gaskell, second – won by five yards. Gaskell lodged a protest against Lowndes on the ground of foul-riding, but afterwards withdrew it, feeling sure it was accidental. Time, 17min 56. 2/5sec. Heat 2 – Liles, first; Lechford, second. Liles waited with his man until within a mile of the finish and then dashing to the front, won easily by 120 yards. Time, 18min 33sec. Heat 3 – Marriott, first; Nixon second. Won, after an exciting struggle by 10 yards. Time 19min 11 2/5sec. Third round – Heat 1 – Liles, first; Lowndes second. The latter showed the way up to the last half-mile, when Liles increased the pace and as the visitor could not respond the Londoner passed to the front and won easily. Time, 17min 31 2/5sec. Heat 2 – Gaskell, first; Marriott second – won by six yards. Time, 18min 19 2/5sec. Final heat. – Liles first; Gaskell second. Each led alternately until three-quarters of a mile from home, when Liles went decisively to the front and finally won a good race by 12 yards. Time, 19min 39 2/5sec. A medal for the rider other than the winner who made the best time was awarded to Mr J Lowndes, his fastest being 17min 56 2/5sec.

Civil Service Bicycle Club

In dull and chilly weather a members’ race meeting was held by this club at Surbiton on Saturday when the following results were obtained: – One mile Handicap – J J Venables, by  225 yards start, first; R J Reece, scratch, second – won by 80 yards, in 2mins 52sec. Half-mile Handicap. – H S Thompson, 50 yards start, first; S F Smith, 65, second; won easily. Ten Miles Club Championship – R J Reece, first; T W Howard, second; won by 400 yards. Time, 33min 15sec.&

The Times, Oct 16, 1882; pg. 7

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