Cycle Meetings (1884)

The Twenty-five Miles’ Amateur Championship

The National Cyclists’ Union held their twenty-five mile Amateur Championship Race on Saturday, at Gateshead. Despite the wet weather there were nearly 5,000 people present. Details:- Twenty-five Mile Amateur Championship – R H English, North Shields BC, first; D H Huie, Edinburgh University Cycling Club, second; J Tough, Aberdeen Cycling Club, third; H A Speechley, Chelsea BC, London, 0 ; A H Robinson, Ranelagh Harriers, London, 0; W Taylor, Ryhope ABC, 0; D W Laing, East of Scotland BC, 0; F J Nicholas, Beckenham BC, London, 0; English led throughout and won by a lap and a quarter. Time, 1hr 22min 20 4/5sec

Alexandra-Park Meeting

The Alexandra-Park Summer Meeting was held on Saturday. The programme consisted of a half-mile bicycle handicap, a one-mile tricycle handicap and a four miles tandem tricycle handicap. Major T Knox-Holmes officiated as judge and referee and Mr W M Williams as starter. Brief details:-

The Times, July 28, 1884, pg 10


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