Cycling as an Exercise for Women (1894)

A certain Dr Hogg, of Paris, has collected the opinions of four-score medical men in various parts of Europe as to the advantages or otherwise of cycling as an exercise for women. Of these, he tells, thirty-six report in favour of cycling as a feminine sport, if practiced in moderation; three give a qualified and conditional recommendation and nine flatly express disapproval of women cyclists and all that relates thereto. Where doctors disagree, who is to decide? But probably it would matter very little even if all the forty-eight and not merely nine had voted “No.” Women who want to cycle will cycle in defiance of all the doctors in Europe and all the warnings of posse injurious affects to which they might give utterance. It is the old story over again about tight-lacing, excessive tea-drinking and small shoes and high heels. We have heard the evils of all four discussed ad nauseam, but who can say that good results have followed?

The Hampshire Advertiser, Wednesday, September 19, 1894; pg. 3


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