Fined for driving a velocipede on a footpath and in a carriageway in (1870)

Henry Andrews, aged 16, of Wells Lodge, Walthamstow. Was summoned before Mr. Newton for driving a velocipede on a footpath in the Lea-bridge-road. Police constable 407 N deposed to having, on the afternoon of the 13th inst, found the defendant, in answer to the charge, said that nobody was on the footpath at the time. Mr. Newton ordered him to pay 2s.6d. and costs. Frances Carter, 17, was summoned for driving a bicycle in the carriageway to the danger of the public. Inspector Hallett, of the K Division, said, that about 12 o’clock on Good Friday hew saw the defendant driving a bicycle in Cambridge road, Bethnal-green. He confined himself to the roadway but circled about at the rate of eight or nine miles an hour. Witness, believing that this was dangerous to persons crossing the road, took his name and address and afterwards obtained the present summons. He saw a boy nearly knocked down and at one time the defendant went so near a horse that the driver, to avoid running over him, had to pull-up. Mr. Newton said it was the first case of the kind that had been brought before him. He would consider the point raised, reserving his decision for a week. The case was then adjourned.

(The Times (London, England), Saturday, Apr 23, 1870; pg. 11

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