Encounter between a velocipede and an ox in 1869

Encounter between a velocipede and an ox

The other afternoon, an unforeseen disaster befell one of the Dundee youths who have been stricken with the velocipede fever. Three of these new-fangled vehicles might have been seen shortly after four o’clock bowling along at a great rate from Lochee to Dundee. It seems that their occupants, or rather riders, were striving which should be the first to reach Dundee. All along the road they attracted great attention and the little children yelled with delight at seeing the strange machines whirl past them far too swiftly to allow of pursuit. All went well so far with the velocipedists, for the road was smooth and the way clear; but in turning a corner on the road near Dundee an obstacle occurred which fairly put an end to the race. Before the velocipedists knew very well what they were about they found themselves rushing straight at a dense herd of cattle coming from Dundee. Two of the youths adroitly managed to avoid a collision, but the third was unable to prevent his machine rushing right at a huge ox. In the smash which ensued the assailant had decidedly the worst of it, for he was placed hors de combat, and had, moreover, the mortification of finding that his velocipede, being of less substantial structure than the ox, had suffered considerably. The cattle appeared much alarmed at the sight of the velocipedes, with the exception, perhaps, of the ox in question, which having tested by experience the frailty of the strange-looking things, looked with the greatest equanimity at the prostrate velocipedist and his shattered machine.

Dundee Courier.

(Liverpool Mercury, Friday, April 2, 1869; issue 6610)

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