English lady cyclists are less “advanced” (1894)

English lady cyclists are less “advanced” in their ideas with regard to costume than their sisters in France. On the other side of the Channel – in Paris especially – knickerbockered women on bicycles can be seen by the hundreds on Sunday afternoons. Probably if they could see the ridiculous appearance they present with their baggy knickers and spindle shanks, they would discard the “new costume” for ever; but the fact remains that, while foreign women cyclists have universally adopted the zouave style of lower garment, most English women who go cycling prefer the older-fashioned and more graceful manner of raiment. It is worthy of remark also that the few who don the knickers invariably carry a little bundle tied behind them which looks suspiciously like a square skirt. Very likely the extra costume is for use in cases of emergency – such as when a strict landlady refuses to acknowledge the right of wearer of baggy attire to a seat in the dining-room unless the knickers are hidden from sight.
The Hampshire Advertise, Saturday, September 08, 1894; pg. 2

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