Extraordinary Race (1819)

Extraordinary Race

On Monday last, two respectable persons matched themselves to go between Howden and Selby (a distance of ten miles), the one mounted on a velocipede and the other on a jack-ass, for a considerable wager. At starting, bets were in favour of the ass. From a trick played on this noble animal, however, he was only pushed by a fascinating object upon the road, by the skilful jockeyship and perseverance of his rider, during which time, the velocipede made speed ahead and the bets turned to its favour. The ass, however, on being again fairly put upon the road, soon came in sight of his opponent, the dandy horse, already much blown and rather foot-sore. The race was now expected to be keen and well contested; but, to the great mortification of the dandy horse and his rider, it came down while at full speed, breaking its own fore leg, and cutting the rider on the forehead. The long-eared competitor in this arduous contest was of course proclaimed victor.

(The Hull Packet and Original Weekly Commercial, Literary and General Advertiser (Hull, England), Tuesday, June 22, 1819; Issue 1703)

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