Fined for driving tricycles in a public thoroughfare (1881)

At Hammersmith police-court on Saturday, James Brookman, of Girdler’s Read and Herbert Walker, Overstone Road, Hammersmith, were summoned for driving tricycles in a public thoroughfare to the common danger of passengers. Police-constable Dean said that at ten o’clock on the night of 21st ult he was on horseback in King Street West, Hammersmith, when he saw Brookman on a tricycle racing with another young man. He called them to stop, but they took no notice. He galloped his horse after the defendant and his companion and took them to the station. The tricycles were going between fourteen and fifteen miles an hour. Walker stated that it was the first time he had been on a tricycle. They were returning home at the rate of six miles an hour. The magistrate fined them 40s each, with 2s costs.

The Pall Mall Gazette, October 3, 1881

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