Fined for riding a bicycle on a footpath


At Hammersmith, Mr. William Sparrow, of Piccadilly, was summoned by the police for driving a bicycle upon the footway in Earl’s-court-road, Kensington, on the 8th inst. The defendant said perambulators were allowed on footpaths and they took up four times the space of a bicycle. He also said he had a right to go on the path with his bicycle when the stones in the road prevented him from using it there. Mr Ingram fined him 2s. 6d., with 2s. costs. The defendant asked whether he could appeal and he was told that he could not. Mr Ingram, however, said he could have a case to try the question whether a bicycle was a carriage or not. The defendant declined to take a case and paid the fine and costs.

(The Times (London, England), Tuesday, May 24, 1870; pg. 11; Issue 26758)

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