Formation of a Velocipede Club (1869)

Formation of a Velocipede Club

Although the velocipede mania has not yet become so largely developed in Colchester as in many other large towns in the Eastern Counties, these novel vehicles, both bicycles and tricycles have been seen occasionally in the streets and have caused some little excitement, while Messrs. Bunting and Seabrook, the agents, have exhibited some excellent specimens of both kinds. There is now a probability that within a short time their introduction will become more extensive, and we understand that at a private meeting held yesterday (Thursday) evening at the Woolpack Inn, St Botolph’s Street, it was decided to form a club for instruction and practice in the use of velocipedes, and Messrs. Bunting and Seabrook undertook to act as secretaries and Mr H Sandford as Treasurer. It is proposed that meetings for practice should be held two or three times a week at the Malting, St Botolph’s Street, so that any member will be enabled to perfect himself in the use of the vehicle, without going the expense of purchasing one on which to learn, and which afterwards might not suit him. Several gentlemen gave in their names as members of the club at the meeting, and doubtless many others will follow their example as soon as it becomes more generally known.

The Essex Standard and General Advertiser for the Eastern Counties, April 16, 1869

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