From London to John O’Groat’s (1873)

From London to John O’Groat’s

The members of the Middlesex Bicycle Club, who left London on Whit-Monday on a bicycle expedition to John O’Groat’s last evening concluded their journey. They arrived at Wick shortly before 6 and were greeted by a large crowd and after dinner they left at 7 to accomplish the 17 miles yet to be gone over. They got over the very steep ascent of the Ord of Caithness with comparative ease and accomplished the remainder of the journey to Wick from Helmsdale very speedily. They appeared to be somewhat fatigued, but are in excellent spirits. They expected to return to Wick by midnight and proposed going by steamer today to Aberdeen and thence to London. Great interest has been felt in the tourists and in most of the towns through which they passed they were met by large numbers of people. The distance from London to John O’Groat’s is about 800 miles, so that the average speed has been nearly 60 miles a day.

The Times, Jun 17, 1873; pg. 12

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