General Bicycle Meet of Ireland (1881)

General Bicycle Meet of Ireland

Today the above will take place in the Phoenix Park, the Board of Works having kindly granted their permission therefore. Meeting at the Gough statue at 2.30, the Ten Mile Handicap Road Race will be started, at the conclusion of which the various clubs will assemble and stack their bicycles opposite the Wellington testimonial. The captains of each club will then lead out their men for the grand procession, with order allotted to them, tricycles and unattached bicycles bringing up the rear and after being photographed the procession will start. It appears that the Phoenix Club, believing themselves to have been badly treated, have determined to hold aloof from the procession and in this they will be followed by four of five other clubs. The annual dinner will take place in the Imperial Hotel in the evening. The following are the entries and handicaps for the race, but we regret to learn that one of the competitors, Mr Sheridan, hurt himself severely last evening and will be unable to start –  A M Toomoy, Irish champion B C, scratch; F T Lowis, Cork B C, 30 secs; F Switzer, Phoenix B C, 30 secs; B Dixon, Dublin University B C, 45 secs; H M Wright, D U B C and I C B C, 45 secs; R M Berry, Phoenix B C 1 min; C Kilkelly, Dublin University B C, 1 min; A J Boyd, do and I C B C, 1 min; F Kilkelly,, do, 2 mins; M Berry, Phoenix B C, 2 mins; F H Shern, do, 2 mins; J Switzer, do, 2 mins; F E L Clarendon, I C B C, 2 mins 30 secs; Ward, Phoenix B C, 2 mins 30 secs; E W Kelly, Waterford B C, 3 mins; E H W Jones, Palmerston Club, 3 mins; T Owens, Inchicore B C, 3 mins; C P Johnston, Cork B C, 3 mins 30 secs; J J Keating, Phoenix B C, 3 mins 30 secs; H L Ward, Waterford, B C, 3 mins 30 secs; L Lichfield,, I C B C, 4 mins; J F Coughlin, Phoenix B C, 4 mins; J B Whittaker, do, 5 mins; F L Burges, do, 5 mins; P Sheridan, I C B C, 5 mins. After the race the procession will be formed, starting from Lord Gough’s statue and will proceed up the main road, passing the Phoenix.

Freeman’s Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser, June 11, 1881


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