Great Meet of Bicyclists at Liverpool (1881)

Great Meet of Bicyclists at Liverpool

The annual north of England meet by bicyclists took place at Sefton Park on Saturday afternoon. Forty-four clubs belonging to the North of England had intimated that they would be represented, but only 26 put in an appearance and the number from each was very small, except in case of a few leading clubs, such as the Liverpool Victoria, the West-Lancashire and the Old Boys. Still the demonstration was of much interest to the public as showing the progress which this method of travelling on wheels has attained and exhibiting the improvement and perfection attained in the manufacture of the machines. The hour fixed for the assembling of the clubs was four o’clock, but there was considerable delay in getting the riders into position. Shortly before five o’clock a start was affected and about 360 bicyclists and three or four tricyclists started in procession round the park. His Worship the Mayor, accompanied by the Mayoress, was present in the State carriage, on passing which the riders of the different machines saluted. The clubs represented in the procession, with the numbers of riders, were as follows: – Liverpool Amateur, 17; Anfield, 20; West Lancashire, 25; Liverpool Tourists, 25; West Cheshire,11; Old Boys, 23; Birkenhead, 8; New Brighton, 13; Young Men’s Christian Association, 10; St Helen’s, 26; Liverpool Victoria, 31; Liverpool Crescent, 13; Manchester Southern, 5; Liverpool Rovers, 5; Swansea Amateur, 3; Ashton, 6; Ormskirk, 5; Preston, 10; Wrexham, 1; Broughton Amateur, 2; West Manchester, 7; Halifax, 1; Chester Falcon, 14; Cheshire Ramblers, 3; Bolton, 10; Cheshire Belgrave, 5; North Manchester, 1; Leeds, 1; Bicycle Touring Club, 10; Penrith, 1; Royal Scottish (Glasgow), 1. Following the unattached riders were three tricycles including two “Royal Mail” machines, but the latter did not pass the saluting point. After the second round the procession proceeded to town and broke up on the Exchange flags, after being photographed by Messrs Brown, Barnes and Bell. The weather was delightful and the public flocked in large numbers to the park to witness the meet, which was successfully carried out in all the details. The uniforms worn by the members of some of the clubs were very elegant and of course only the very best machines were used by the clubs.

Cheshire Observer, June 25, 1881; pg. 6

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