Horses and bicycles, by an irate lady in 1878

Horses and bicycles

To the editor of The Times

Sir, – I read in The Times an account of the death of a man accustomed to horses in consequence of careless bicycle-riding causing a runaway, and at this season there is not a day when such an occurrence may not be looked for.

I have been long accustomed to drive and ride and am thought more ready with hand and eye than most people. The horses, on which I must rely for moving about (being myself lame), have always become nervous at sound of the bell and one has been run into by a bicycle, so that he is furious on a near approach. Last week one of these nuisances came down the high road through a town; the horse sprung round, but I was able to back him until we could turn without an upset. The man, who saw what was the effect of his fun, not only did not keep off to the far side of the road, but rushed close to us, nearly touching the horse. Let me not forget to say some riders on these things are gentlemen, who no sooner guess what is likely to be a difficulty than they stop and dismount ready to afford assistance in case of danger. Racehorses have training grounds and why allow a more unmanageable and alarming thing to run about in every public thoroughfare?

Yours obediently,                   A LADY

(The Times, Friday, Aug 30, 1878; pg. 8; Issue 29347)

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