Kildare Bicycle and Tricycle Club (1884)

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Kildare Bicycle and Tricycle Club

This flourishing club held its annual athletic meeting at Lillie-Bridge Grounds, West Brompton, on Saturday. The weather was fine and between 6,000 and 7,000 people were present. Mr T Griffith was judge of the flat races and Mr G Lacy Hillier of cycling races; Mr G W Atkinson and Mr G P Coleman were timekeepers and Mr H F Wilkinson was starter. Brief details:-

Quarter Mile Members’ Handicap – H Pratt, 35 yards start, 1; F J B Hemming, 20 yards, 2; H Hignell, 26 yards, 3 Won by a couple of yards. Time, 54 3/5 sec. 120 yards Open Handicap – Final Heat, – R Crawley, Bedford AAA, 5 yards start, 1st; A Bluck, Finchley Harriers, 6 yards, 2nd; E H Pilling, Arab FC, 3 yards, 3rd. Won by a yard; a foot separated second and third. Time, 12sec. Two Miles Invitation Tricycle Race – Final Heat, –  H Corsellis, London T C, 1st H J Webb, London TC, 2nd G Smith, Merry Rovers TC, 0. Won by half a yard. Time, 7 mins 10 3/5 sec. 150 yards Members’ Race. – A Kirkbright, 17 yards start, 1st; W J Harvey, 17 yards, 2nd; F Catchpole, 13 yards, 3rd. Won by half a yard. Time, 16 3/5sec One Mile Open Bicycle Handicap – Final Heat. – E J Taylor, Speedwell BC,115 yards start, 1st; F W White, Saturn BC, 100 yards, 2nd; W Travers, Clapham Park BC, 3rd; H A Speechley, Ranelagh Hariers, scratch, 4th. Won by a foot; a yard divided second and third. Time, 2min 44 1/5sec. One Mile Members’ Bicycle Handicap – Final Heat – H D Smith,140 yards start, 1st; H Stone, 160 yards, 2nd; A Ibbotson, 110 yards, 3rd;. Won by four yards; 30 yards between second and third. Time, 3mins 2sec. One Mile Open Handicap – A E Painter, Ranelagh Hariers, 75 yards start, 1st; E Keddell, Erith LTC, 70 yards, 2nd; C W Hart, Highgate Hariers, 50 yards start, 3rd. Won by a dozen yards; half that distance divided second and third. Time, 4mins 25 1/5sec. Quarter Mile Open Handicap – Final Heat – H J Rothery, Highgate Hariers, 20 yards start, 1st; J Austen, Clapton Beagles, 27 yards, 2nd; G W Murdoch, Victoria CC, 25 yards, 3rd. Won by three yards; two yards separated next pair. Time, 50sec. Five Mile Open Bicycle Challenge Cup Race – R H English, North Shields BC, 1st; H A Speechley, Ranelagh Hariers, 2nd; E M Mayes, Centaur, BC, 3rd. Won by 300 yards; a third of that distance between second and third. Time, 14mins 51 3/5sec.

The Times, Monday, Sep 15, 1884; pg. 7

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