Legislation for Cyclists (the railway’s, “carriage of cycles,” problem) 1900

Legislation for Cyclists

A letter on behalf of the National Cyclists’ Union, the Cyclists’ Touring Club, the Scottish Cyclists’ Union, the Irish Cyclists’ Association and the Cycle Manufactures’ Association has been addressed to all candidates for parliament. It points out that two bills intended to secure fair treatment at the hands of the railway companies were introduced in the late parliament and received a first reading. Conferences have since been held, and as a result of them it has been unanimously resolved that only one Cycles Carriage Bill shall be promoted in the forthcoming session Therefore, the two Bills have been withdrawn and a new Cyclists’ Railway Bill, embodying the best points of the two old ones, has been drawn-up. Replies to the following questions are solicited: 1. Will you, if elected, support the Cycles Carriage Bill now submitted? 2. If not will you support the principle upon which it is based and do your best to secure for cyclists fair treatment at the hands of the railway companies? 3. Will you, if selected, support the Universal Lights Bill now submitted? 4. If you cannot see your way to do this will you vote in favour of the principle it embodies and do your best to get it passed into law?

    The Times, Tuesday, Oct 02, 1900; pg. 8

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