Lord’s Cricket Ground(1828)

Yesterday afternoon a numerous assemblage of persons congregated at Lords Cricket Ground, St John’s Wood, to witness John Joseph Grandserre, the celebrated French Velocipede, undertake to run 20 miles in two hours and twenty minutes, for a wager, between several noblemen, of 2000 guineas. The velocipede went over the first three-quarters of a mile in four minutes. He continued to run in the same apparently easy manner as he commenced, but under the greatest disadvantages from the crowd pressing occasionally round him and dogs continually crossing his path. At the conclusion of the twenty-seven rounds, two hours, fifteen minutes and thirty seconds had expired and it was consequently considered by many that the match was lost. But by many that it was not so; that the piece of ground was ninety-five yards over the three-quarters of a mile. The ground is to be measured. The Velocipede, at the conclusion of his run, did not appear in the least distressed.

Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle etc, Monday, April 28, 1828

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