Meet of the North London Bicycle Clubs (1881)

Meet of the North London Bicycle Clubs

At Barnet. – The committee of the Stanley B C thinking that the north metropolitan riders had not a good opportunity, owing to the distance, of exhibiting their full strength at the Hampton Court meet in the spring, issued a circular inviting the leading clubs to a conference on the subject. The result was a unanimous resolve to try the experiment of an Autumn meeting in the neighbourhood at High Barnet. This was held on Saturday. Unfortunately, just before the start the rain, which had been threatening all the afternoon, came down and rendered matters most uncomfortable for all concerned, the majority of the riders being drenched to the skin. As at the older-established meet, the various clubs rode in the order of their seniority, followed up by the usual motley crew of unattached riders. Every precaution was taken to ensure the clubs riding up well together, marshals being stationed at every corner with coloured flags to regulate the pace of the riders so as to present the best possible appearance. Owing to the late arrival of the special train, it was considerably after the advertised time when the start took place. Appended are the number of the various clubs taking part in the procession: Pickwick, 13; St George’s, 9; Temple (North Division), 9; Stanley,24; Rovers, 6; Canonbury, 12; North London, 3; Lombard, 9; Druids, 6; Clarence, 5; Orion, 7; Tufnel, 4; Highgate, 14; Hadley, 7; Centaur, 5; Metropolitan, 6; Mansfield, 4; Guildhall, 4; Concord, 2; Regents, 2; Highbury, 12; South Hornsey, 12; Falcon, 1; London Scottish, 14; Cavaliers, 6; Tottenham, 3; Wood Green, 7; Archery, 2; Mildmay, 7; Argyll, 11; Waverley, 5; Ferntower, 11; Clissold, 5; Minerva, 2; Crouch Hill, 8; Invincible, 6; Eolas, 8; Danites, 5; Hampstead, 6; Winston, 13; Star, 13; Golden Eagle, 7; Westminster, 2; Diamond, 2; Harringay, 7; unattached, 51; tricycles, 13. The Stanley certainly presented by far the best appearance, the twenty-four riders that club dressing up in almost perfect order. Of the others, the Pickwick, Temple, Druids and Canonbury presented the best appearance, but many of the riders quite ignored the saluting point. Beside those taking part in the procession, there were on the ground a large number of bicycles which were not ridden in the display, it being computed that there could have been less than 600 two-wheelers present, without reckoning the tricycles, about 50 of which were drawn up at various points along the route. Owing to the ungenial weather, on reaching Barnet the procession broke up, none caring to ride further in the heavy downpour.

Daily News, September 26, 1881

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