Mr Kent (1822)

Mr Kent, who is on his way to London, for the purpose of walking across the sea, from Dover to Calais, for a bet of 1000 guineas, walked lately on the river Ouse, the banks of which where crowded with an immense multitude. The term “walking” may, in some respects, be correct; but, in fact, the apparatus is (to use familiar language) a sort of hobby-horse, of a triangular form, supported at the extremities by three copper vessels filled with gas. On this hobby-horse he sits, the same as on a velocipede and by having small paddles fixed below his feet, he impels the hobby forward with the greatest ease and safety, whilst the same time he performs “military evolutions of the sword and firelock exercise?? – York Chronical

Royal Cornwall Gazette, Falmouth Packet & Plymouth Journal July 06, 1822

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