Mrs Caudle on the velocipede (1869)

Mrs Caudle on the velocipede – If wives had their way, they’d burn every velocipede in town! And what was the matter with you last night? I couldn’t get a wink of sleep. Your legs kept going up and down all night like pump handles. Velocipede motion, was it? Put your feet in the stirrups and turn and that throws your knees up and down, does it? Now don’t tell me it’s nothing when I get used to it, because that’s something I won’t get used to! It is bad enough to sleep with a man when he is quiet, but to have the bed clothes flopping up and down all night as regularly as that clock ticks is a little too much, velocipede or no velocipede.

The Dundee Courier & Argus, May 10, 1869

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