N C U (1887)

Cyclists and road racing

To the Editor of The Times

Sir,—The attention of the National Cyclists’ Union (an association which was formed for protecting the interests of cyclists and regulating the sport) has been called to the frequent and growing practice of holding races for short distances along frequented thoroughfares. Such conduct is likely to be an annoyance and to lead to restrictions which would be harsh to cyclists in general. The Union has therefore determined to take such steps as are within its power to prevent road racing in future. Enclosed is a

copy of the resolutions passed by the executive at their last meeting, from which it will be seen that in the case of two races action bas been taken. Perhaps you will kindly note this in your paper in such a way as you may deem best, in order to make it clear that the ruling body of cycling does not sanction, and will, so far as lies in its

power, discourage by cyclists any infringement of the rules of the road,

Yours faithfully,

ROBERT TODD, Hon. Secretary.

National Cyclists’ Union, 57 Basinghall-street, E.C., Oct

Resolutions – (1) That the race to be held by the Catford C. C. on the 22d inst. be proclaimed and that notice be sent to the Press to this effect. (2) That the secretary write to the Kingston Local Board saying that our attention has been called to the race in question, but that we were not aware of it in time to interfere, and that we should be pleased to co-operate with the Board if any of their boundaries were touched during the race, and that a copy of the last resolution be enclosed.

 The Times (London, England), Monday, Oct 10, 1887; pg. 3;

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