New Patent Tricycle (1881)

New Patent Tricycle

Mr W Jenkins, of the principality Bicycle Works, Westgate Street, has now on view, besides a splendid assortment of bicycles, a “No 2 Singers’ Patent Folding Tricycle,” which attracts some attention. The machine is the handsomest tricycle we have seen and is as light, almost, as a bicycle. It is of excellent workmanship, designed for good speed and is well fitted up in every way. The right handle, on being turned half-way round, puts a break on the two large wheels. While the left is attached to the steering gear; the seat is adjustable for long or short legs and the price of the machine is only about the same as that of a first-class bicycle. Many people complain that tricycles occupy to much room; but, as the words “patent folding” imply, this kind of machine may, by a most simple contrivance, be folded, so that its width is only the same as a bicycle with the pedals on, vis., 20½ ins across.

Western Mail, June 18, 1881

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