New Thing in Races (1819)

New Thing in Races

After all, we shall be able to bear up should there be no Derby this year. Racing is becoming more comprehensive, as is proved by the report of a velocipede race for £20. The horses of those who accompanied the competitors could not keep up with them. This will probably inaugurate a new era in racing and we shall shortly hear of the Grand Wheelbarrow Stakes, the Perambulator Cup and the Iron-Hoop Handicap. Why not? It will improve the muscles and benefit the human race in a double sense. In the particular instance quoted, a Mr Waloski “trod” – that in the correct term, it seems – the two miles in nine minutes and a half. This is a capital idea; for, after all, why should betting scoundrels be the only “legs” who find their condition improved by racing?

The Ladies’ literary cabinet, Volume 1, Samuel Woodworth, 1819, p. 32

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