Obstructions on Footways (1882)

Obstructions on Footways

It was reported by the committee that they had ordered a letter to be written to Mr Bovill, of Bury Road, to abstain from running his bath chair upon the footways and to Mr Parker, butcher, of Stoke Road to discontinue hanging carcases on the outside of his shop over the path. – Mr Hobbs said that he would like to see the order extended to tradesmen generally and especially to barrows and tricycles, The latter especially were most objectionable. – Mr J W Blake fully concided, remarking that with regard to the tricycles they come along in such a way that it was impossible to hear them. – M r Treacher said he had even seen a member of that Board going along on the footpath on a tricycle. (Laughter and cries of “Name.”) – Mr Treacher: It was Capt. Field. – A Member: He ought to have known better, but he’s gone to Australia. (Laughter.) – Mr Nicholson, while agreeing with the general principle, was of appinion that they ought to make an exception in favour of perambulators, for it would be too bad to turn the maids off the paths into the mud. (Hear, hear.) – Mr Tribe: Provided they don’t go abreast. – Mr King thought that the existing laws amply provided for keeping the footpaths clear, if the Inspector did his duty – The clause was confirmed, on the motion of Mr Hobbs, seconded by Mr Churcher.

Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle etc, January 7, 1882

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