Perils of the streets (1871)

Perils of the streets

The police returns show that in the year 1870 as many as 124 persons were run over and killed in the streets of London and 1,919 were maimed or injured. In the last five years,
1866-70, 533 persons have been thus killed and 7,508 maimed or injured. The 2,043 accidents in London streets in 1870 occurred in this wise: 440 by being run over by cabs, 102 by omnibuses, 245 by broughams and carriages, 636 by light carts, 158 by heavy carts, 110 by wagons and drays, 257 by vans, 10 by fire-engines, 79 by horses ridden and five by velocipedes. The Commissioner of Police reports, however, that special attention was paid during the year to measures tending to diminish the risk of pedestrians. Constables have been placed at the most crowded crossings and special pains taken to obtain the names and addresses of offenders. In the case of cabs the number plate now affixed behind the cab generally suffices for this purpose; but in the case of light carts and wagons no such clue at present exists and they often entirely escape. Of the 124 persons killed in the streets in 1870, 11 were run over by cabs, 17 by omnibuses, two by carriages, 27 by light carts, 24 by heavy carts, 20 by wagons or drays, 19 by vans, one by a fire engine, two by horses ridden and one by a velocipede.

The Times, Jul 26, 1871 pg. 4

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