Progress of Tricycling (1880)

Progress of Tricycling

This sport is rapidly gaining public favour and we note that tricycling clubs are being formed in different parts of the country, three being already in existence in the metropolis. Of one, Dr B W Richardson has consented to become president and Sir William Palliser, the well-known cannon manufacturer and the venerable Archdeacon Daykin, are known as enthusiastic tricyclists. At the recent road trial of tricycles, held under the auspices of the newly-formed Tricycle Association, the run of 50 miles, from Finchley to Hitchen and back, was accomplished by the winner in 4hrs 2 mins; and 6 other riders did the distance under 5 hours. The winner takes the amateur championship of tricycling and the gold medal of the Association.

The Royal Cornwall Gazette Falmouth Packet, Cornish Weekly News, & General Advertiser, November 19, 1880; pg. 5

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