Proposed Tricycle Club (1881)

Proposed Tricycle Club

A meeting was held last Friday night at the Turf Hotel, Collingwood Street, Newcastle, for promoting the establishment of a tricycle club in this town. About 20 gentlemen were present, and the chair was occupied by Mr H B Slee. – The chairman said that several gentlemen interested in tricycling thought it desirable that a tricycle club should be formed in this town and it had been suggested that the club – adopting the same course as boating clubs with regard to owning boats for the use of members – should have a number of tricycles for the use of the members on payment of an annual subscription. In addition to the ordinary tricycles, it was suggested that the club should have “sociable” tricycles to carry two persons. Several gentlemen expressed their approval of the proposal and a chairman, secretary and committee of five gentlemen were elected to draw up a scheme for a club, to be submitted to a meeting to be held on as early a date as possible. Mr W D Welford, Pilgrim Street, editor of Cycling, is the secretary and he would be glad to receive communications from, or give any information to, ladies and gentlemen interested in tricycling.

The Newcastle Courant etc, July 15, 1881

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