Railways and Cyclists (cor don’t they go on) 1897




The treatment meted out, to cyclists at Cannon street, S.E.R., calls for some publicity as perhaps the best means of bringing about a remedy. On Friday last I was leaving London for the week-end, and desired to take my bicycle with me, so in the morning rode it from the West-end into the City, and wished to leave it at the railway- station, close to my office, where I could pick it up in the evening. At the cloakroom I was told no bicycles were taken in (though I could see some there already). A porter then informed me that on Friday and Saturdays the company were busy and found it inconvenient to receive bicycles. I asked to see the station-master; he told me that the company could not guarantee to take bicycles and so as to prevent the public being disappointed the fact was published in their time-books (as if anyone ever read a railway time-book). He told me I must take it away as there was no place for it there, though I told him I wished to travel down the line in the evening. A suggestion for accommodation of any kind was met with a blank refusal. Eventually, on the suggestion of a porter, I housed it for the day at the Metropolitan Railway near by. From the officials of the South Eastern Railway; I got no assistance and but scant courtesy. They evidently regard cyclists as a class to be sternly repressed.

            Yours faithfully,

                                    FLORENCE O’DRISCOLL,

15, Victoria-street, S W Oct. 18

The Times, Wednesday, Oct 20, 1897; pg. 14

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