Railways and Cyclists (not there yet perhaps) 1897




I appreciate at their full value the courteous remarks relating to myself contained in the letter which appears in The Times of today signed “M. A. Oxen and ex-M. P.” I am compelled, however, to say that his statements, so far as I am concerned, are at variance with the facts. During the 25 years of my connexion with the administration of the Brighton and South Coast Railway I have never made a “speech” or any remarks at the company’s meetings. I could not, therefore, by my “most injudicious speech last year” have done the injury he supposes, nor could it be “the key to the present position.” Neither could I have answered any shareholder in the terms he ascribes to me. As regards my views, they are in the direction exactly contrary to that which “M. A. Oxon and ex-M. P.” supposes. All those who are concerned with railway administration recognise the importance of satisfying public requirements as far as it is in their power to do and the directors of the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway are certainly not deficient in this respect. The great and growing interest, connected with cycling, the many thousands who ride machines for pleasure or business purposes, must command attention and thus at our first board meeting after the holidays the question of the transport of bicycles was considered by us and suggestions were made by which we hope the transport will be facilitated But the solution is not so easy as “M. A. Oxen and ex-M. P.” seems to think. Travellers’ luggage must be carried as well as bicycles and it is but just too many millions of travellers who use our line to say that they show more patience in the delivery of their luggage than bicyclists do in the delivery of their machines. I am not without hope that ere long most of the difficulties which at present attend the question will be overcome.                       I am your obedient servant,

            Brighton, Sept. 29,                                          Arthur Otway

The Times, Saturday, Oct 02, 1897; pg. 6

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