Rational Dress (1881)

Rational Dress

A “Rational Dress Society” has been formed under the presidency of Viscount Harberton, which recommends the adoption of a “dual garmenture,” or “divided skirt,” exactly like the old Bloomer costume.

Nothing succeeds like a little variety,

Novelty still is the craze of the day;

Here is the latest, the newest society,

 Bidding folks dress in a sensible way,

 Formed upon principles quite international

Viscountess Harberton taking the chair;

Dress, it declares, must henceforward be rational,

What, then, are ladies in future to wear?

Surely reform comes with too much velocity’

Bloomers, it seems, are to startle again;

Skirts to be divided – oh, what an atrocity!

To “dual garmenture” folks must attain,

True that another skirt hides this insanity,

Yet it should flatter our masculine vanity,

For this means simply the trousers of man!
The Bristol Mercury and Daily Post, June 25, 1881

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