Ripon Floral Fete (1869)

Ripon Floral Fete

On Saturday the show was visited by a large number of persons. Trips were run from Leeds, Manchester and other places. The Leeds Volunteer band played selections of music. In the afternoon a vast concourse of people repaired to Studley to witness the velocipede races. The first prize for bicycles was awarded to Mr Thomas Boulton, of Ashton-under Lyne; and the second to Mr John Roberts, of Cleck-Heaton. There were fourteen competitors. Mr Robert Spence, jun., of Richmond, bid fair to be a winner, but he unfortunately had a mishap, the off side footguard having come off when he was about two hundred yards from the winning post. The first prize for tricycles was awarded to Mr W H Brown, of Bedale, and the second to Mr J F Kay, of Burley. The distance in each case was a mile, the starting point being on the bank of the low lake, past Robin Hood’s well, round the back of the abbey and down the carriage drive to the gates at the rustic cottages. The bicycles were run in pairs and run off in ties. The tricycles were run singly against time.

The Leeds Mercury, June 28, 1869

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