Royal cyclists at Copenhagen (1896)

Royal cyclists at Copenhagen

Our readers comprise so many cyclists that peculiar interest will be felt in one illustration of “A Group of Royal Cyclists at Copenhagen.” There are two reasons in particular why this group is notably interesting. It affords, in the first place, a glimpse of the healthy, unpretentious, unaffectedly simple life which is characteristic of that annual family gathering at the Danish Court, which is anticipated so eagerly and enjoyed with so keen a zest year by year by the Princess of Wales and her daughters. It is also curiously interesting in view of the approaching marriage of Princess Maud of Wales, as, if many-tongued rumour may be relied upon, it was during various pleasant cycling excursions in the country around the Danish capital that the mutual liking which existed between the Princess and her cousin, Prince Charles of Denmark, developed into that warmer sentiment the outcome of which was the engagement which has given so much satisfaction both in this country and in Denmark. The royal group comprises portraits of H R H the Princess of Wales and her brother, the King of the Hellenes, the Prince of Wales, Princess Victoria of Wales, Princess Maud and her fiancé, Prince Charles of Denmark, Prince Waldemar, of Denmark, the older brother of Prince Charles and a number of the younger members of the Danish and Greek royal families. Thousands of our readers will be interested in this unique group of cyclists, and will be gratified to see for themselves how strong is the hold which the popular pastime of the period has taken upon the taste of the younger members of our royal family, and of those other royal families to whom they are so closely allied.

Royal Cyclists at Copenhagen Illustrated London News, Saturday, February 29, 1896; pg. 267

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