Sixty Miles on a Bicycle (1869)

Sixty Miles on a Bicycle

The longest journey by velocipede yet performed in the Eastern Counties, so far as we are aware, was done on Monday last, when Mr William Goldsmith, assistant to Mr Thorne, coach builder, of St Giles’s-Gates, ran a bicycle to Swaffham, a distance of 27¾ miles, in the morning and back again in the evening. He did the first 16 miles to Dereham in two hours and ten minutes over a heavy road and the remaining 11¾ in one hour and twenty minutes, the 27th mile from Norwich being done in six minutes. The return journey he performed with two breaks of less than five minutes each, completing the 27¾ miles in four and a quarter hours, by which time the work had begun to tell in uphill running. As he moved about a good bit at Swaffham, he must have done at least 60 miles in the day.

The Bury and Norwich Post, and Suffolk Herald May 25, 1869; pg. 3

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