Southampton Amateur Bicycle Club (1881)

Southampton Amateur Bicycle Club

The third (autumn) race meeting of this club took place at the Southampton Cricket Ground on Saturday afternoon and was of a most successful character. There was the usual procession through the town from the headquarters, the Crown Hotel, to the grounds, the clubs represented being as follows: Southampton, 26; Winchester, 5; Port of Portsmouth, 6; Freemantle, 11; Atlas Club, (Dublin), 1; Cheltenham, 1; Salisbury, 1; Basingstoke, 1; unattached, 1; tricycles, 4. There were several riders who came on the ground late, notably some from Portsmouth, making the total number of the Port of Portsmouth Club present 13. As the weather was fine there was a large attendance at the ground, including many ladies. The committee were Messrs. C H Bee (captain), W Ellis (sub-captain), J E Adams, W E N Coston, H Coverdale, W Mitchell, S M Molvneux, W G Toogood and J T Witt; judges, Rev. B G Heskyns and Mr J S Pearce; starter, Mr W G Toogood, handicappers, Messrs, H Arnold (hon. Sec.), Toogood and Mitchell. There were one or two “spills” during the afternoon, Dugdale and Love coming a regular “cropper” in the third heat for the one mile handicap (open.) The former was stunned and had to be carried to the dressing-room, were he was recovered. Love escaped with a cut on the cheek. W E N Coston was not in such good form as we have seen him and he only secured one second and a third prize. The band of the 1st Hants Artillery Volunteers was in attendance and under the direction of Bandmaster Hogg performed the following programme in good style.

Grand march                           “Forward”                               Dopper

Quadrille                                 “Wheel of Fortune”                Round

Valse                                       “Mello”                                   Waldtenfel

Selection                                 “Pirates of Penzance”            Sullivan

Cornet solo                              “The Avalanche”                     Nicholson

Quadrille                                 “Merry changes”                     E E Wilson

Valse                                       “True Love”                            Round

Selection                     Lee Cloches de Cornsville”                Planquette

Galop                                      “Imperial”                               Wright

Quadrille                                 “Belle Vue”                             Round

Valse                                       Loch Lomond”                       Round

Selection                                 “Sonnambul                            Bellini

Galop                                      “Spit Fire”                               Wright”

Three Mile Handicap (open.) First prize, marble clock; second, ice pail. – First heat: A Cloverly, Port of Portsmouth B C., 200 yards, 1; C King, Salisbury B C., 90 yards, 2; C Snook, Southampton B C., 3; W E N Coston, Southampton, scratch, gave up after doing two miles. Second heat: W Snook, Winchester B C., 100 yards, 1; S Loader, Winchester B C, 230 yards, 2; C W Stroud, Southampton B C., 400 yards, 3; F Adams, Southampton B C., 260 yards,0. Final heat: Cleverly, 1; King, 2; W Snook, 3. Time, 10 minutes 51½ seconds.

One mile Handicap (Club) for members who have never won a prize. First prize presented by the Mayor (Mr J H Cooksey, JP.); second, preserve stand, – A Andrews, 120 yards, 1; A Dartnall, scratch, 2; F Smith, 100 yards, 3.

One Mile Handicap (open). First prize, aneroid barometer; second, tobacco jar. – First heat: W E N Coston, Southampton B C., scratch, 1; W Snook, Winchester B C., 50 yards, 2; F G Smith, Basingstoke B C., 100 yards, 0; W Taylor, Freemantle B C., 140 yards, 0. Taylor fell. Second heat: C Snook, Southampton B C., 1; F S Toogood, introduced, 130 yards, 2; Third heat: C King, Salisbury B C., 30 yards, 1; S Loader, Winchester B C., 100 yards, 2; F Love, Port of Portsmouth B C., 50 yards, 0; A Dugdale, Freemantle B C., 100 yards, 0;G Turner, introduced, 180 yards, 0. King won easily. Dugdale and Love when about 100 yards from home, collided and were “ashamed” which let Loader into the second place. Final heat: W Snook,1; Coston, 2; King, 3. Won by a yard after an exciting finish. Time, 3½ minutes.

Obstacle foot race (club.) First prize, a biscuit box; second, cruet, presented by Messrs Millward and Martell. – H Coverdale, 1; J E Adams, 2; F Adams, 3. This race caused much amusement, as the competitors had to squeeze under poles lashed near the ground, jump hurdles, crawl through tubes and get over other obstacles and it was great fun to see two trying to get through one tube at the same time.

Ten Mile Handicap Race (club.) First prize, inkstand, presented by Mr W Crambrook; second, sugar basket; third, presented by Miss Alner, Crown Hotel. – C Snook, 2m 15s., 1; H Rigden, 1m 30s., 2; W E N Coston, scratch, 3; J E Adams, 3m 15s., 0, Coston was heavily handicapped and when Adams had covered one mile he was on the point of starting, Rigden and Snook being then nearly three laps ahead of him. Adams retired at two miles and three quarters. Coston spurted well, but he could not keep up the pace and the other two men lapped him once Snook finished one mile, except one lap, in front of him, while Rigden was one lap behind Snook, who he tried hard to lap, but failed. Coston completed the distance for the third prize, which was given. The winning time (net) was 45 minutes 25 seconds.

In the unavoidable absence of the Mayor (Mr J H Cookney) the prizes were presented by Major-general Tryon, JP., who announced that he was authorised by the Rev. Canon Basil Wilberforce (Who came on the ground, but could not remain to present the prizes, which he otherwise would have done) to announce that during the winter he would have a cinder path constructed in the cricket ground for the benefit of the bicyclists of the town.

The Hampshire Advertiser, August 24, 1881; pg. 3


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