The Amateur Bicycle Champion (1890)

The Amateur Bicycle Champion

Mr Frederick J Osmond, the well-known amateur cyclist, commenced racing in public at the Brixton Club Meeting, in June 1886, at the Crystal Palace, where he made a very brilliant debut, winning both open events; and in a few weeks broke the then existing two-mile tandem record with S E Williams. In 1887 he won the five-mile National Cyclists’ Union Tricycle Championship and the Brixton Club fifty-guinea cup for the first time, but he also won it again in 1888 and 1889, thereby making it his own property. Later in the same year, in one of the most exciting races, he won the Kildare Cup, valued at fifty guineas, defeating that well-known rider Mr P Furnival, of St Bartholomew’s Hospital. In the autumn of 1888 Mr Osmond placed several achievements to his credit, breaking all existing records from two to ten miles and doing the mile in 2 min. 31 4-5 seconds., which record stood for two years, until he again lowered it recently, to the phenomenal time of 2 min. 28 4-5 seconds., which is the world’s record for that distance. In the same year he won the twenty-five mile tricycle championship, but could only get second to Synyer, of Nottingham, in the one-mile bicycle championship, the same rider defeating him in the great match at the Oval on October 6, 1888. In 1889 Mr Osmond was again to the front, winning the twenty-five mile bicycle championship at Paddington, defeating Synyer and several others. He also won the Surrey Cup at the Oval and again in the present year, besides winning all the National Cyclists’ Union bicycle championships at Paddington Recreation Grounds, at which place he also won the Royal handicap, on July 9, before the Prince and Princess of Wales, starting from scratch. Besides these events, Mr Osmond has won a large number of minor contests since 1886. It is acknowledged that some of his successes were aided by the great care and attention and good advice given him by Mr George Lacy Hillier, the amateur champion of 1881. The illustration of Mr Osmond mounted on his bicycle is from a photograph by Mr G Churchill, Cornfield Road, Eastbourne.

Illustrated London News, September 13, 1890; pg. 326

Mr Frederick J Osmond

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